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P.Yaremko, Burlington, ON

Immune V-F1 as treatment for Covid-19

I wish to share my experience on the effectiveness of the Immune V-F1 pills in the treatment of Covid-19.  I am 75, a lung cancer survivor (stage IIIB) for 15 years and with battered immune systems after receiving multiple chemo and radiotherapy treatments in 2008.

Though fully vaccinated and with booster (all Pfizer), I contracted Covid-19 on March 7, 2022. Listed below are the relevant details of my bout with Covid-19 in chronological order:

Day 1-3:

  • Increasing flu symptoms (phlegmy cough, slight temperature, dizziness)

Day 4:  

  • Morning - Tested Positive for Covid-19
  • Loss of sense of taste & smell
  • Started on Immune V-F1 (2 pills - 3 times daily)

Day 5:    

  • Morning - Tested Negative
  • Felt great with less coughs but still no smell or taste.

Day 6:     

  • Morning - Tested Negative
  • Feeling good with more energy; hardly coughing
  • Taste returned at lunch; Smell -20% only

I believe that Immune VF1 hastened the recovery process very significantly. The immediate response is a negative test result after just one day! This pill is truly remarkable in that it will so quickly pump up the immune systems to combat Covid-19 and possibly other virus infections. It will provide patients with quick comfort and peace of mind.  The recovery will allow me to fly on March 14 without fear of being penalized.

Mr. Stephen Tong


March 12, 2022.

Stephen Tong, Malaysia

My family and I always take supplements for keeping our immune system in check. I found VF1 online and read reviews, so I decided to try it out. Honestly it helped us when we get the very first signs of a scratchy throat or chills. I used to get sick for a week and now it can just be a couple of days or so. I recommend VF1 and make sure you take it as soon as you feel something coming on.
Thank you VF1

H. Manlangit, Toronto, ON

Can’t be without Immune VF1 - keep it in our home all the time. It’s a life saver. Don’t miss school, work or any important scheduled  events ever again. No need to! Keep Immune VF1 in your home at all times. If you feel a cold or flu coming on, take 2 capsules ASAP and stop it in its tracks . If you are already sick start taking immediately and shorten your illness. This really works- I’ve introduced this to many friends and they are so impressed. They call it “ The Magic Pill” and it really is. Thank You Dr. Lee! It even helped me with the worst Sinus headache I ever encountered. It never occurred to me to take “Immune VF1 “ at first. Once I did my 3 day horrible headache & watery eyes & runny nose stopped almost immediately! Yes, it really is Magic! You are amazing Dr. Philip Lee - Best all natural product on the market.

Gail M , Burlington, ON 🇨🇦 Canada

I am an RN working in Buffalo, New York. I purchased Immune VF1 at my naturopathic doctor's office just because it seemed like something good to have on hand with the COVID19 and Delta Variant situation. Last night my wife and I went on a date with the plans to have a picnic and kick a soccer ball around. Well within thirty minutes of being on the date I had a headache, bodyache, and progressively feeling weak. So we didn't play soccer and just ate in our car. When we arrived home, I ate a snack and noticed that all three of the snacks should have had a salty flavor. Remembering that hypogeusia [reduced sense of taste] and ageusia [inability to taste] are signs of COVID 19 infection, I poured salt in my hand to taste. It was barely salty. So then I remembered that I had Immune VF1 in the freezer. I am telling you that, literally, within 30 minutes my headache was gone. Within 1 hour I had my energy back. Before I went to bed, my wife urged me to taste salt again to see if that had changed... Well, the salt is saltier again.

E.D., Buffalo, NY

It was very effective and can see improvements within 24 hours. Best is to take two tablets when you know you're about to get sick!

Gordon L, Vancouver BC

This formula, VF1 is my solution to sore throat, runny nose and anything before i get really sick and not being able to function. I love this method instead of taking Tylenol or Advil since Immune VF1 is all natural and wont give me any side effects afterwards. Highly recommend it.

J.M, Hamilton ON

I was coming down on a flu while taking my relatives around on a vacation. I took the supplement VF1 and felt better in a few hours. Instead of coming down on a flu, I was able to recover the next day and was able to show the relatives around. Now I take it as soon as any cold symptoms start. I highly recommend it.

Dong Kyu Lee, Bradford ON

This supplement, VF1, is an excellent product. It helped to boost my immune system to get rid of the virus faster and get feeling better, sooner!

R.M, Hamilton ON

As a senior I know how important it is to keep healthy especially during cold and flu season.

I am a very busy senior and I come in contact with a lot of people which makes me very susceptible to colds and sore throat. I started taking Immune VF1 in October 2017. I took one a day until January 2018 and then I continued taking 2 a day. As soon as I felt a sore throat or cold coming on I took up to 6 a day. Quite often I would start to feel better within 24 hours. I continued with the 6 pills up to 3 days. I then would go back to taking 2 a day until the end of June and I July I went back to 1 a day. In the late fall I will go back to 2 a day.

This past winter is the first time in years that I did not get a sore throat or cold. A few of my friends got the bad flu going around and it really did take them a long time to get back on their feet. Two of my friends even ended up with getting the flu twice. I call the formula my magic pill and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. If you are travelling it is so important to take it with you. No one wants to get sick on their vacation. A big thank you to Dr. Lee for introducing me to this formula! It certainly changed my life.

Patricia Henkelmann, Burlington ON

VF1 is best taken at the first sign of a cough or cold, or the flu. It is very useful to take along when travelling, which is when many people get infected.

Betty Chung, Burnaby BC

Being on VF1 has been amazing! I've had some great results dealing with my Flu symptoms .. within 24 hours I felt better. I also found it has given me some extra energy.

Norm C, Burlington ON

It rarely happens but a flu virus found me, starting with a mild tickle in the throat and progressing within 48 hours to fever, headache and other typical flu symptoms. I saw Dr. Lee a few days after the onset of the infection. He prescribed his Immune VF1 formula and I began taking 2 caps every 8 hours. VF1 noticeably reduced my symptoms and sick days, for which I was very grateful.

One week after my initial throat tickle, my wife came home from work and reported feeling the same thing. Since we already had VF1 handy she immediately took 2 caps, then 2 more the next morning, afternoon and evening. By then her throat tickle was gone and she had no other symptoms at all. As a precaution she continued taking one cap on the same schedule for the following 2 days, but never had a single flu symptom after the first tickle. The flu was just magically ... gone.

VF1 boosted her immune system overnight and completely stopped the virus from developing. Wow! I have never seen anything like that before.  An all-natural flu stopper pill - amazing.

Mik Hailo, Burlington ON

My experience with VF1 is very successful! This is my second year of using the F1. My symptoms improve after a day, and I feel tons better - even my energy level improves. The VF1 product being all natural is a bonus! My son who frequently gets colds due to working with the public, also uses VF1, and found it worked better than Cold fx. He also loves that its natural.

Carolyn Laschuk, Bowmanville ON
Works very well. Flu symptoms was reduced after a day.
Andy, Toronto Ontario

Felt better almost immediately after taking Immune VF1 ! Had been having an incessant cough, and feeling weak for almost a month, until I took VF1. I do take daily supplements of all the C,D, Es, calcium, zinc etc and yet these were not able to 'pick me up' somehow. Being an active person, it can be frustrating when you're 'not yourself'. Well, not anymore, thanks to VF1! Fantastic!

Switar kaur, Malaysia

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